Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Amazing Summer Day

After having waited so long for this trip to commence, its hard to imagine that its almost over. In about a week and a half I will be flying back to California, and thus concluding my adventure. I can still remember the excitement I had when I was first accepted into the ILC program and the emotion that built within me the day I departed. I owe a lot to this program, not only for allotting me the opportunity to come studying here but also for the life lessons it has taught me. Even though my journey has yet to end, I the amount of new things I have learned is immense. The topics in my class have opened my mind up to the reality of the world in which I live in. My suitemates have also had a great impact on my experience here. Not only have I learned so much about their different cultures and personalities, but also have created a bond that I feel will last for the rest of our lives. Class is only halfway through and I feel that the remainder will be even more exciting.
A campus that has never ending beauty
Looking back on my day, I would say it was pretty much like any other normal day of class, with a few exceptions. I woke up bright and early, like usual in order to have to time to prepare everything I would need for the morning session. I have grown accustomed to having breakfast in the dormitory so therefore that provides me a bit of extra time in the morning. When I was all ready, I set out for to learn new things in my class.

During the morning session, we went over our more court cases. Many of these cases have really begun to develop my analytical skills. The language that many of these cases use is very complex and unlike anything I have ever read before. However, now that I have had first-hand experience with this type of literature, I feel that my writing will skills will definitely be much better.

After class was over I rushed over to my dormitory to meet my suitemates. Like common tradition we always go to lunch together. We headed over the dining commons where the menu for the day was Italian food. We used this time just to hang out and enjoy being in a less intensive environment. Overall this time is mostly another bonding moment for all of us, one where we can really show and express our own true, unique personalities.

The evening session was one of the highlights of my day. The class was focused on the three mock trials that we would have to put on. My case involved flag burning and the freedom of expression. It was really a great experience being able to debate against my classmates and use legal arguments to prove one side of a case superior. I really feel like I grasped the sense of what  lawyers goes through everyday at work and the level of intensity they are subject to.

When class ended, the entire cohort once again met with Ms. L at the usual place which is located right in front of the building in which I have class in. The meeting for today was a bit different however, compared to other days. The meeting ended quick and then I broke off into a one-on-one talk with Ms. L. She asked me how I felt I was coping with my classes and my workload. Another thing she gave me was a congratulations for all the hard work I had been doing and how well I was doing it. In all honesty, it felt really nice to have someone tell me that I was doing a good job. In a way in created a sense of nostalgia because of the fact that my mother consistently congratulates me for all the work and effort I plug into everything I do.

As soon as I had ended my conversation with Ms. L, I rushed back to my dorm, where my suitemates were all waiting so we could leave to go watch a movie together. We had planned on watching a movie for some time now, and we finally were able to align everyone's schedules to be able to go. Once everyone was fully ready we made our way over to the theatre. The movie we had elected to see was World War Z, a conventional zombie apocalypse tale based off the award winning book. For all of us the movie was really entertaining and completely  unique in the case of the plot. It was definitely worth the wait and really allowed all of us to bond even more.

My amazingly good sandwich
On our way back from the movies, we stopped by to pick up dinner. The dinner we went to was called Subs Conscious. I ordered a chicken parmesan sandwich and it was amazingly delicious. According to my RA, it was one of the best places to get an amazing sub for a low price and after trying it must concur with his statement.

Overall, I feel like today was another amazing day in my experience here. Not only did I get another opportunity to bond with my fellow suitemates but I also received insight into what lawyers go through everyday. Everyday I am here I learn more and more. I am educated in all parts of the campus, not just with in class. I will be very proud to bring everything I have learned and am still learning back to my community in California.  

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