Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Wordsday

Today I finished my essay. After 7 pages, my work was complete. In 1,800 words I voiced my argument. I hope that my instructor enjoys it!

Today we moved back to our regular schedule. In the morning, we discussed the Supreme Court cases that we read the night before. Today, our cases revolved around women’s rights. We talked mainly about abortion rights. After briefly discussing the cases, we transitioned into a debate about abortion. Naturally, we had a very heated discussion. 

During lunch, I ate quickly and went up to my room to work on my essay. At lunch I not only completed the footnotes in my essay, but I also brainstormed with my suite mates about what to get our RAs for a gift. My friend Rachel decided on the best idea ever: a calendar! We put together pictures of our suite into a calendar format. Later that day, Rachel and Madeline were forced to go to several stores to print out the calendars! They turned out great and our RAs loved them!

This evening, I went to Carnegie Deli with Simon, Margaret and our friend Claire. A commuter named Julian joined us later on. We decided to order the largest item on the menu and the five of us were unable to finish it! It was that huge! The sandwich was split into three parts. The first part was bacon, the second was corned beef, and the third was pastrami. 

I can’t believe that my journey in New York is coming to a close. I have met so many amazing people. I have been enjoying myself immensely.  I am sad to go home, but the experiences I’ve gained will last forever!

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