Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's Almost Over!

Today is Friday. This Friday is bitter sweet. Yes it's the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend, hence not having to wake up early and go to class. But today marks the end of classes, with the end of classes comes the end of our adventure. 

I am really very sad to leave New York City and Columbia. I have lived here for the past three weeks, fallen into a routine, and made my dorm room my home. I love the city. I love how it is so easy to get to nearly anywhere you need to go with just a little walking and the use of the amazing public transportation systems. Although I'm not too fond of the humidity, I love being able to wear whatever it is I would like to wear and not worry about being cold. This is of course, only a summer quality of New York. 

If I lived in New York City, which I may actually do sometime in the future, I would always have something to do. I will be constantly going to museums and shows among many other things. 

I am also happy to go home. In these last couple of days I have become home sick. I honestly cannot wait to get on that plane tomorrow and land in San Francisco. I want to hug my dad, play with my dogs, and sleep in my own bed. 

Today in lecture, for a majority of the time, my professor was discussing the college application process and answering any questions we had regarding colleges. He strongly advised against majoring in such things as business, medicine, and law; wait for graduate school to narrow your field of study. In the first four years of college you should take classes that are very diverse in subject matter. In seminar, we all presented our group projects. My group was with two other girls and our topic was unemployment.

After class I headed to the bookstore to finally buy that sweatshirt my sister has been asking for. I then met up with Simon, Margaret, and Claire. We went to the MoMA. It is amazing. I loved it. Unfortunately I was only able to thoroughly view floors two and three. I also saw a small part of floor six which is the special exhibit floor. After the MoMA we all went to a really cute little Italian restaurant, the food is to die for.

You have to have a taste for modern art to enjoy the MoMA. Many of the pieces are abstract so it takes a moment to understand what a piece might mean, if you can develop a meaning to it. I really enjoyed myself. My favorite part of the museum, that I saw, is the Contemporary Galleries: 1980 to Now. Modern art is much more difficult to appreciate than traditional art. Someday I will return to New York City and spend at least one day seeing everything I can see in the MoMA.

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