Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't Call Me Shirley

Today in class we discussed the very controversial topic of abortion. People in my class had very distinct and differing opinions regarding abortion, so the discussions got quite heated. We discussed a few of the main cases including Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade. We also discussed the trimester system regarding when states can regulate abortions and when it is up to the woman to choose. Some people in our class believed abortion is fundamentally wrong and should only be practiced under extreme circumstances. Others believed that it is up to the woman to choose what she does with her body, and the government (especially the men) should have to ability to make decisions on behalf of the woman. Right when class was about to break out into shouting, lunch happened. After lunch we started preparing for our debate tomorrow. I have to write a closing statement for my side which opposes the death penalty. We are discussing how it is cruel and unusual and thus violates the 8th Amendment, and how it is undermining the fundamental principal of the justice system. I am excited for the final debate tomorrow!

For dinner tonight Margaret  Emily, Claire, Julian, and myself all went to the famous Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue and 55th Street. Walking into the modest storefront I was excited, I have always wanted to go to a New York deli. The walls of the restaurant were lined with the famous people and celebrities who have previously dined there. Some faces I recognized were Mr. T (I pity the fool), Dolph Lundgren, Mel Brooks, and many more. The waiters walked us through the many faces of the celebrities  a sign of the delicious meal to come. 

When we sat down and received our menus our jaws dropped. The sandwiches were all over 20 dollars! We could not believe how overpriced the food seemed. That is when we saw the first sandwich pass us by. It was big. Very, very big. Stacked high with meat and bread (who needs vegetables anyway?). That is when it hit us, we were almost certainly going to be sharing. Originally Julian and myself were going to share a sandwich and Margaret  Emily, and Claire would share one. Thankfully Emily decided to ask the waiter how big the biggest sandwich on the menu was. The waiter chuckled and told us it was not even on the menu. We scrapped our original plans and ordered the big one to share amongst the 5 of us. 
The sandwich arrived a few minutes later. Two towering behemoths of bread, pastrami, bread, corned beef, bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and more bread. For a few minutes we just stared. We did not know what to do. Do we just dig in? Do we split it up? If we do split it up, how!? Eventually we asked for some extra bread and just dismantled the whole sandwich into smaller ones that would actually fit inside the mouth of someone other than a boa constrictor (they can unhinge their jaws). The corned beef was heaven. It was flaky and there was about a pound of it. I stacked my mini sandwich high with it, threw some lettuce and bacon on, and coated it with horseradish sauce (my sinuses are very clear now). Upon taking the first bite I was so happy Emily asked for the biggest sandwich. It was too good to be true. I was able to make two giant sandwiches out of the original giant, and we all ate well. To put it into perspective, this sandwich was SO BIG that all five of us split it and there were still leftovers. To put it simply, this was one of the most amazing sandwiched I had ever eaten.

Later that night Margaret and I showed Claire the movie Airplane! I only say this because that is where my title comes from, my favorite character, Doctor Rumack. Anyways, I am gonna write up my arguments for the debate tomorrow now! 

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