Friday, July 12, 2013

The Final Countdown!

I never realized how fast time actually flies until today. I less than about 36 hours I will be boarding a plane back home to conclude my amazing journey here. I must admit that when I first arrived here I had no idea what to except, and I especially did not know who I would meet. But as the days passed I began settling in to the point where my suite became a home away from home. While I did miss my family a lot, I made many amazing friends here that lifted my spirits and rid me of my nostalgia. Now that there is so little time left and I feel that there is still so much to do. One of my suitemates is already leaving tomorrow in the morning and it finally hit me then that I will probably never spend this amount of time with them all ever again. While social networking now can help keep us all connected, the adventures we had here will never be forgotten. It is incredible really how far I have come since the beginning of this trip and looking back I would love to do it all again.
My second to last day started as all my days here have started off, with an early morning wake up so I will have time to organize my things for class. I headed over to class where we talked about cases that had to do with abortion. I cannot stress how much this class has been amazing for me. At my normal high school I would never be surrounded by so many bright and passionate individuals who actually cared about learning and enhancing their academic endeavors.
During lunch, I headed back to my dorm to meet up with my suitemates. The natural tradition is to always have dinner together and since this would be the last lunch in which we would all be together, we made sure to make the absolute most of it. Over the course of these last couple weeks, we have all bonded so tightly that we almost resemble brothers from entirely different parts of the world. It is unbelievable how fast it all went by and how little it seems that we all did in that time. I must agree with the majority of my suitemates, thought, that these past few weeks have some of the best ones I have ever had the pleasure of living through. I cannot imagine how long it will be until any of us sees each other again.
As the afternoon session rolled around, the majority of the time was dedicated to preparing for our final debates tomorrow. It was nice to congregate with members of my class and actually be able to have intriguing conversations about political views and how we were going to structure our case against affirmative action.
At the end of the school day, we headed out to the normal meeting spot to wait for Ms. L. When she arrived she began discussing about how we were holding up in these last few moments before the end of our trip. I personally felt that it was overwhelming to realize that there was so little time left to spend time with everyone I had met here at Columbia. Unlike with normal school when you leave and then come back to see the same faces, this time when school ended, we would all be off on our own endeavors with minimal possibilities of ever seeing each other ever again. To help us hold out in these saddening times, Ms. L brought us all a special treat. She pulled out a box and inside were some of the biggest chocolate chip cookies I had ever seen in my entire life. According to her these were the best cookies in existence, and after taking one bite, I could hardly argue with that claim. 
After the meeting adjourned, I headed back to my dorm in order to add the final touches to my essay and to simply spend time with my suitemates. All of the laughs we had during this time was unbelievable and soon it began to sink in to all of us that our time here was very limited and that we would soon be off on our own paths. However, we did not let this get the better of us and enjoyed the last moments we would spend together.
At the end of the day, we all went to bed a bit melancholy that unbelievably our time here was almost running out. We had all spent some of the best three weeks here together that we have ever had and the memories that came along with it will be unforgettable. If I had one wish it would be to have this entire trip start over and experience the amazingness of everything one more time. 

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