Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goodbye NYC Weekends

Today marks my last Sunday in New York City, and this was my last full weekend. That also means that there's just 5 days of class left - just 5! It's almost been an entire month that I've been here, and it feels like it's been both longer than a month, yet way shorter. I feel like I was sharing a steak dinner at Keen's with my cohort a million years ago, and I can't believe I was seeing Annie on Broadway just yesterday! I have never been so incredibly busy during the summer ever before, and that's before I count my classwork and school schedule into the equation as well.

Ironically, today was relatively uneventful compared to most of my other days here. I woke up on the late side and headed off to get breakfast with Emily and Simon. We agreed on a crepe place right behind school, just barely off campus and a short walk around the corner. Right away we decided that we had made the right choice - everything looked delicious in the counter, and the whole setting of the restaurant was very mod and contemporary. That meant that deciding on what to order was difficult, but we managed, and we were all content with what we ate. The food was so good that Emily and Simon decided to go back later for dinner. They had planned to go and see the Guggenheim, but I decided to stay behind to work on some research. I went to the Butler library and set up camp in the stacks. I got a decent amount of work done, so I felt accomplished enough to break with Maria, from my class. We got Pinkberry across the street and talked about our assignment. Maria told me that she planned to be done with writing the initial stage of her paper by Tuesday, because it's going to take so long just to edit and add footnotes. I agreed that this was a good plan and I think I should probably try to do the same. 

After I did my homework all of my suitemates left to get dinner downtown - and coincidentally we decided on Ellen's Stardust Diner - the same restaurant I'd gone to a couple weeks ago with the other WCCUSD kids. Once again, it was a super fun experience and I got to know my suitemates a little better than I had before. 

Tomorrow is Monday again - the last Monday, and I'll just have 5 more days of class to go - bittersweet!

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