Monday, July 8, 2013

Research and Brooklyn Bridge!

I have made a fairly nice schedule here.  I wake up at 7:30 AM to shower, breakfast at 8:30 AM and then class at 9:40 AM.  I do all of this without even really thinking about it anymore. When I go back, it is going to take me some time to get used to the different time zone. I still can not believe that today was the last Monday I will have here at Columbia. We have only until Friday and then we are all off back to our homes in the Bay Area. It feels like we just arrived yesterday at Columbia and now we are already leaving. 

In my class, we discussed an article about the psychological effects of the movie JFK.  Coming into this program I never thought that we would be discussing articles like this; I thought that we would be reading and learning about presidents through all the basic information like their birth, death, and legacy.  This program was a pleasant surprise because it teaches all the information in a new and interesting way through the use of cases and articles. We also had a guest speaker who had previously worked on Capitol Hill and now works for New York. She told our class about what it is like working on Capitol Hill and how different it is from being on the state level. She said how Capitol Hill is more policy making while the district level is more personal.  I personally think I would like the district level more just like she does.

After the first part of our class and lunch was over, it was time to head on over to the library.  For the past two weeks I have been researching for my essay but now it is time to write, write, write! We have until Friday to finish our essay but I plan on finishing it even earlier. I remember at the beginning of the program I was so worried at how I was going to write 4000 words but it is not that bad actually.  The library has so many wonderful resources that I can use and I have a lot of information so the writing is happening very easily.  Today, from my research, I was able to write 1000 words.  At this rate it will take me only three more days and on Friday I can edit it before I turn it in.  That is my goal as of now!

Once I was out of my class it was time for our daily weekday meetings with Mrs. L but this time Mrs. Kronenberg would be joining us.  She had just flown in the other day and would be leaving tomorrow, but she wanted to check in on us.  We all discussed our classes and how amazing our experience is here! I am so glad that I came here and I am happy I can bring back my experience to school to share with everyone.  The meeting was interesting and I loved how Mrs. Kronenberg and Mrs. L told us how the director said our meeting with him made his year! I didn't know that our short 2 minute speeches would have such a big impact! 

Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline
The meeting was over before we knew it and it was time to say bye to Mrs. L and Mrs. Kronenberg.  I did not have anything planned for after class until I found out that there was a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge today! This was on my list of to go places! I had never seen the bridge in person but I had seen it in movies and I had to make a replica of it for my physics class. It is not that long, it is pretty easy to walk across. It is really crowded because there are people walking and cyclists going in both directions.  Overall I absolutely love the Brooklyn Bridge and the city is just amazing from the bridge. I wish I had a picture that did it justice but you honestly have to go there to see the beauty. Today was a productive day and I hope that tomorrow
will be too!

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