Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Once Again!

Monday has come and gone already! I still can't believe that today marks the beginning of the second week, it's all happening just so fast! Who would have thought that time would fly this fast? I initially thought that I would just be sitting around and weeks would last forever but that is not the case! I absolutely love the fact that this is going so fast but I feel sad at the same time. 

Today in class we discussed a case called Bertram V. Clinton. Dr. Porwancher made this case up in order for us to have a trial on it on Friday.  We will each be speaking for six minutes in order to say if Bertram is right or Clinton.  The case is basically about the power of Congress and the president.  Bertram was born in Jerusalem and would like to put Jerusalem, Israel on her passport, which Congress supports but the president is against.  The question is who to follow? I decided to take the side of Bertram and Congress because I wanted to challenge myself by doing it.

We also had our second guest speaker today.  Her name was Joanna Powell and she is a recent graduate from NYU's School of Law. I am really loving that our class is getting all these wonderful guest speakers from a variety of careers in order to show us all these wonderful opportunities.  Joanna had actually taught 2nd graders but went back to school to get a law degree because she wanted to have a bigger impact on the world.  She will soon be taking her bar exam which I hope she passes.

I experienced my first thunderstorm in New York today! I am actually surprised at how cool it is here because I am seeing on the news about the excessive heat warnings on the west coast.  Today, it was actually around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was so humid! I am not a big fan of rain in the summer or the humidity that comes with it, but it's not that bad.  So far, New York City has not been as hot as I would have thought it to be.  I thought that every day it would be 100+ degrees Fahrenheit but it's been 100 perhaps once.  Most of the times the temperature is actually 80-90 but very humid! 

The rest of my day I wanted to lounge around because I know that I am going to be working non stop for the next couple of days on my trial and the research paper.  We have a lot of work but I think we have a reasonable amount of time for everything. My hall mates had another bonding session with my RA and we discussed college and life in dorms in general. I am going to miss these talks a lot when I go back; these people are like my family now. 

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