Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Success!

Today marks my last daily blog in my Ivy League Connection experience. Even though I was so excited to see my family and my dog Dani, I know I will miss my home away from home in Carman at Columbia University. So far I have friended almost everyone in my class, and we have even made a Facebook group to allow for group discussions and just to make it easier to know what everyone is up to! I am so glad our class got so close over the three weeks and it is reassuring to know that I may very well see many of them in the future! As an extra note I edited a whole bunch of my photos today so I want to post a few of them in this blog.
We all had to pack up our bags in the morning. I said goodbyes to my roommates Shahryar and Raul and made sure I had not forgotten any of my belongings. At 10 AM we left Carman to meet with Ms. L on the side of the street to take a cab. Margaret came downstairs with her friends Claire and Maria who I had gotten to know really well as well. It was sad to say goodbye to all those amazing people. I was talking with Margaret and we were thinking about all the people who we never really met, but had just gotten used to seeing around. We realized our whole daily routine would be different once we get home. We would not be all eating at a table together, discussing classes and other fun topics. We would not meet downstairs to go off into NYC via the subway. We would not be seeing the same people around and we would not be in class from 10-12 and 2-4. It was a bit heartbreaking to say the least but we knew that we did miss our homes and we were all excited to get home. 

Getting through the airport was very easy, there was almost no one at all in the Virgin America terminal. Once we got on the plane though we had a two hour delay when our flight had to be rerouted (I don’t really know why). Once we got off the ground I started working on my blog, napping, listening to Les Miserables soundtracks, and watching Friends on TBS. The flight took longer than we had hoped but we landed safely and that is all that matters!

I am home now and I it is so nice to be back. My dog was so excited to see me, she ran around in circles for a few minutes because she was exploding with energy. It was also nice to be back with my mom, dad, and sister. I started showing them some of the pictures I took, than realized I was extremely tired. It is a strange feeling knowing that I will not be meeting Margaret at 9 AM for breakfast tomorrow, but I am in need of a home made breakfast and a good nights sleep in my own bed.

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