Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Research, Research, and More Research!

It's already Wednesday! Saturday is coming closer and closer, and I'm dreading it! I don't even like to think about the fact that we're leaving on Saturday and that Friday is our last day of class, but I am missing my wonderful home state California.  I love New York and all, but it has nothing on California! I feel like I am going to be so used to the hustle and bustle of New York, so when I go back I am not going to know what do with my life. I am probably going to be bored and lonely without all my dorm and hall mates.

In my class today we discussed two articles. The first was about George Bush and his expansion of executive power, and whether his actions were constitutional and unconstitutional. We examined his actions, like signing statements and the acts he attempted to pass. This and the next article actually started some very interesting debates because everyone has different political views which came out in the discussion.  I liked how the debates were respectful and engaging rather than some other debates I have seen, where the people end up being very rude. The second article we discussed in class was about the Obama administration and the change that Obama pushed for. I was amazed at how much I had not learned about his administration.  I mean I was not that young when the election was going on so I thought I was pretty well informed but turns out that was not the case. I did not know much about his tax cuts or the bills he pushed for. I also did not know that the public was wrong in most of their assumptions about Obama and that he actually did cause a lot of change.  People don't see all of the change so they assume he did not do much or he did nothing. 

I really wanted to put the pedal to the medal today for my research. In order to do this, I spent the two hours we have for research with my face buried in books and furiously typing. I am so proud of all the work that I have done. I never would have thought that I would be able to write such a long paper in such a short amount of time.  I think this is going to prepare me well for the future since I will have a 4000 word paper under my belt unlike other students who would have never written a paper of this length. The paper is actually fairly interesting to write and is not that hard because I like the topic that I am writing on, which is about FDR and the New Deal.  I think that if I picked a different topic I would have more difficulty since I would not be as interested in the material.

Even as I am writing this blog I can't stop thinking about how I only have two nights left in this dorm room. I will have to pack, say good bye to all my friends, and leave this gorgeous campus. The plane ride back is going to be a struggle. 

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