Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last Sunday in NYC

I'm ashamed to admit that, at the beginning of this trip, I was wishing to fast-forward in time and sleep in my own bed. I wanted to be able to look back on this trip with fond memories, which I will, and be rid of all the long nights and hard work. I wanted to have the memories and lessons of this amazing experience without any of the work. Now that I have less than a week in New York City, I realize experiencing the moments that will lead to fond memories is more valuable than the memories themselves. 

It's sad, when you think about it, to say that all you have are memories; memories fade. Years from now I can look back and say that I enjoyed myself and had the time of my life; statements that are true. But I'll never remember exactly what was said that made those five minutes so funny. I'll never really remember how the New York City warmth enveloped you, how a refreshing breeze that relieved you from the warmth for a moment felt like the best breeze ever, or how the weather changed from sunny to pouring in a matter of minutes. (All of those examples were weather related...weird.) In New York City, the wonder of hearing five different languages in the span of two minutes just by walking down the street is like no other I have experienced. 

Once again, I am being a little overly dramatic; I think I think too much. In reality, I will always look back on this amazing adventure with fond memories. I will have all of the blogs to read, pictures to see, and, thanks to technology, new friends keep in touch with. I just don't want to leave New York. There is still so much I still want to see and do. At the beginning of the trip, when I wished to be back at home, I was taking for granted all of the new experiences and fun I was yet to have. And the class! I had to laugh out loud at some of the reactions people have had when I explained to them some of the things I've learned, such as game theory. 

Today was a rather lazy Sunday but I was productive. I finished my seminar homework and the essay for lecture that is due tomorrow. The assignment for the essay was to write up a business plan by either talking to someone or researching a business decision. I decided to walk across the street to West 115th and Broadway and talk to the man working at a food truck. It was funny because when he say me standing there with my notebook and pen he smiled and asked, "You've come to ask me questions?" I suppose a lot of students have come to interview him in the last couple of days. He was really nice. I refer to him as 'Bob' in my essay. Because he is just a worker, he couldn't give me as many facts and statistics as I would have hoped. As a result, I centered my paper around the idea that most working class Americans are simply a working mechanism in the larger machine of the business while explaining what I could about the Hooda Halal food truck corporation. 
The biggest slice of pizza I have ever seen.

Other than that, Jackee, Sabrina, and I met for lunch and dinner (I wasn't awake for breakfast). For dinner I had a slice of cheese pizza that was bigger than my face; it was a large slice of pizza. Then Jackee and I had another movie night in my dorm. We watched Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. We had fun watching the kids movie.

As I've said before, there is still so much more I want to see and do before I leave. I was going through my top ten list of places to visit in the city and  realized that I can cross quite a few off my list but there is still so much more to see! Hopefully my last week in New York City will be a busy, in a super fun, amazing kind of way, and productive one!

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