Friday, July 5, 2013

Imagining Dragons is Easy When You're Sleep-Deprived

Today started off pretty typically - except for the early morning concert experience. Of all my mornings throughout this whole trip and of all my sleep-deprived complaints, none compare to this one (which isn't really a complaint but who actually ENJOYS starting their day while the rest of the country is mid-REM). I set my alarm for 4 AM (foreseeing that I would spend at least half an hour coming to terms with myself about getting out of bed after 4 hours of sleep) and was getting dressed by 4:30. Careful not to wake up Maria (my roommate), I took what I needed for the concert and met Claire and Simon downstairs. The sun was only just rising and the whole sky was a pastel purple color - which was amazingly beautiful through the silhouettes of the trees and buildings around campus. We also met up with Emily and one of Simon's suitemates and we all made our way to the subway station. We caught the least-crowded subway train of the trip so far and took it to 72 street, where we used to always get off to go back to our hotel. It's crazy to think that we've been here for nearly a month which sounds like a long time, but at the same time we were still touring all those colleges just 2 weeks ago. 
We had to walk some ways to get to Central Park, and then even further through the park to get to the amphitheater. The walk was nice, granted it was too early for the hot weather and humidity to set in. We knew for sure that we had come to the right place when we finally got there because the line for the concert stretched all the way down the road. Claire and I were a little grumpy at first, because you know, first of all it wasn't even 6 in the morning yet and secondly there were SO many people there (who are the Imagine Dragons anyway??) None of us were too familiar with the band, we all knew only a couple of their songs, but we'd liked what we'd heard in the past and the concert was free so we were still pretty excited. I looked up the band's discography and found that they've only come out with one actual album so far, which shocked me because given their enormous fan-base you'd expect for them to have been around for a while. 

Slowly but surely we snaked around the park and the line eventually reached a walking pace towards  the entrance. Everything was completely free, as are all of the Summer Series of concerts that ABC Family's Good Morning America is hosting every Friday this summer. Emily and I tried moving closer to the front but that didn't fly with some of the (more intense) Dragons fans (tall teenage girls) so we settled for the back of the VIP section. The concert was really fun and I was surprised because I'd never been into the Imagine Dragons before. Even though we only stayed for 3 sound-check songs, they performed spectacularly and I loved their stage presence. Emily and I were both a little uncomfortable with the weird lack of dancing, and there were way too many people just recording the songs for later instead of enjoying themselves while they were actually there. 
We had to leave before the actual live concert part started because we still had to go to class!! So we went back to the subway and grabbed some coffee (NOT decaf). 

I got a real jump on my essay today too. I spent the 2 hours of allotted time in class working on an outline and then another 3 hours after class with Simon and Emily in the library writing my intro and topic sentences. I'm a little concerned about pacing myself though - so far I've written 4 pages, so that's 16 to go. That's a pretty daunting number and I'll have to continue doing lots of research on the side as well. 

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