Friday, July 5, 2013

Imagine Constitutional Law

Today I slinked out of bed at 4:30 AM, ready to make the journey to Central Park to see Imagine Dragons live on Good Morning America. Despite my lack of sleep, I was excited for the concert. I had always enjoyed listening to Imagine Dragons on the radio, so I couldn’t wait to hear them live.

After a very empty subway ride, we arrived at 72nd street and headed to Central Park. Although we’ve been in New York for three weeks, I didn’t have the opportunity to stroll through the park until this morning. It was absolutely beautiful. The vast grassy areas and large ponds provided and alternative to the cityscape in New York. After walking in the park for a several minutes, we noticed more and more people. Soon a line was visible and it didn’t seem to end. Hundreds of were up at five in the morning to see Imagine Dragons.

The line moved relatively quickly and before I knew it we were pushing our way up to the stage. Margaret and I worked to push as close to the front as possible. Unfortunately, we encountered a human cage. Two extremely tall girls refused to let us move past them and a man nearby used his body to shield us from moving forward. We gave up, but still found a relatively nice place to stand.

Margaret and I on TV. 
After a few minutes, an announcer came out to pump up the audience. People were cheering when the camera went by and immediately stopped when it passed them. I could definitely tell that most people came just to be on TV. When the band came out, the camera rolled over the audience again. I had never heard Imagine Dragons live, but they were amazing. We had to leave too soon. The band has definitely won over a new fan!

When we arrived back in class, I was exhausted. The court cases, however, were intriguing enough to keep me awake. We disused many cases having to do with the Civil Rights Movement including Plessey V. Ferguson and Brown V. Board of Education. Not only were the cases themselves interesting, but the dynamic between the justices was very interesting. During lunch, I took a nap so I was wide-awake for the afternoon movies. These movies illustrated transitions between more liberal and more conservative courts.

After class Simon, Margaret and I headed to the library to get an early start on weekend homework. We worked on our papers in the stacks and actually made fairly good progress. I’m looking forward to a productive and busy weekend ahead. 

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