Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainy Days are Here Again

Even from the beginning, the day seemed to show signs of being very depressing and rainy. After waking up and organizing myself for class, I headed out to begin a fresh new week of academic enrichment.

I arrived to my class relatively early and just before a downpour of rain came crashing outside. I felt very lucky to not have been caught in that intense summer rain. For the morning session we reviewed a cluster of cases we had to read over the weekend about freedom speech and the limitations that accompanied it. Like always I felt very drawn to this topic because of the difficulty to fully understand everything that is and is not protected under the freedom of speech clause.

When lunch finally arrived, the rain had finally let down and provided me with a brief opportunity to rush back to my dormitory. When I arrived at my dorm, one of my suitemates notified my that a lot of the outdoor excursions, one of which we were both planning on attending, were starting to be cancelled  because of the rain. Therefore we came to an accordance of using our backup plan and going with our RA to watch a movie at a local theatre. We then met up with the rest of our suitemates and headed out to the dining commons to have lunch.

The plan for the evening session of class was watching two movies about two Supreme Court cases. The most interesting out of the two was the second film with dealt with the leak of top secret files concerning the Vietnam War. The film depicted the beginnings of the war and controversy that led to American involvement. The major issue occurred when one of the workers of the pentagon, Xeroxed top secret files about the war and leaked it to newspapers in order to provide the public with the knowledge. As more and more papers began produce the secret documents; the government began bringing lawsuits against them in an attempt to quell the leakage of the information to the general public. In my opinion I felt that this was a clear example of how the government tends to withhold the entire truth from the public under the pretext of national security,

As the day school day slowly came to an end, the atmosphere outside was resilient and kept its gloomy aspect. The threat of a down-pour loomed as we all met with Ms. L to discuss our days. She gathered the remnants of our weekend allowance and furthermore asked us over any plans that we had. When the meeting ended, I rushed back to my dorm to meet my suitemates in order to finalize the details for our movie plans for the evening. Unfortunately, complications quickly arose. Apparently the movie we all wanted to see was not playing until late in the evening which would put everyone at jeopardy of not returning before curfew and since this was not an official trip, even if our RA was with us we would still suffer the consequences of being late to curfew. Therefore, for that reason we were forced to postpone once again our suite excursion.

The day was not totally lost however, the extra time provided me exactly what I needed to be able to finish all my homework and get ahead on the next days work. Even though the majority of my plans for the day ended up being cancelled, I was able to make the most of the time I was allotted. I only hope that the weather is much more sympathetic tomorrow in order to allow me to further explore the great New York City.      

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