Thursday, July 11, 2013

One More Day of Class

It's the day before the last day of school all over again. Tomorrow is the last day of class and then this whole adventure and experience will be over. All we'll have left is half a day on Saturday before our flight. I'm sad to leave and end this adventure. I know I have grown and learned so much this past month, this time of my life is one I will never forget. But honestly, all of this learning and growing is exhausting. I wouldn't give any of this up for the world! But I am tired. 

Today in lecture the professor was explaining how to value an investment mathematically using Excel. It was interesting to see all of the numbers change over the years due to inflation and other changes in the economy. There is a lot that goes into a business counting its profits after taxes; it is very complicated. The school day continued without any further significance.

The cohort met at our usual time in our usual place. Mrs. L reminded us of the the flight time on Saturday and to warn our parents of a possible delay due to the recent crash in San Francisco. We also set a meeting place and time for Saturday morning. Today she brought us a treat, the best chocolate chip cookies ever. They were less like cookies and more like big blobs of goodness, they kind of looked like scones. That cookie was heaven. I actually felt pretty full after eating it. 

At 5:00 PM I met Jackee in the dining hall for dinner and right after we headed out to the Subway. We went to Times Square so that I could get some last minute souvenir shopping done.   I am very happy with my purchases. Now all I have to buy is a Columbia sweatshirt for my sister. I'll need to stop by the bookstore tomorrow. 

I love walking around the city with my independence, I like the feel of it. If the air weren't so dense with humidity, smog, and the smell of cigarette smoke I may much more strongly consider living here at some point in time. If I were to live in New York City I don't think I could handle being here all year round. I would need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to the calm and quite Bay Area, California or Big Lake, Alaska.

I remember saying in a much earlier blog how it was unfathomable that I was coming to New York, now it is almost just as unfathomable that I am leaving New York in about a day and a half.

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