Sunday, July 7, 2013

Comedy on Broadway

In commemoration of our final weekend at Columbia, two of my suitemates and I made the decision to go and see a Broadway performance. The tickets were not at all cheap, but we decided that the experience would be absolutely worth it. We chose one of the popular comical musical "The Book of Mormon".
We met up with the other members of the trip at around 2:00 PM and we headed off. The means of transportation was once again the subway, and it still amazes me how the city is so connected by this system. Any part of the enormous city is reachable through the subway system and the cost is very low it its obvious why it is one of the most used methods of transportation. It took about an hour before we were standing in a huge line in order to enter the theatre. To our surprise the line was relatively quick with entering, which I really felt reflects the fast-paced lifestyle in New York City. Compared to San Francisco, where a line might take a long time before demising; here it happened in a very quick manner. In less than about ten minutes were taking our seats in the theatre.
Anxiety had been building in me ever since I signed up for this trip. I had heard countless stories about that grandness of a Broadway musical, and I could not believe that I was about to behold this spectacle in a short while. As the lights dimmed and shrouded the theatre with pitch black darkness, the normal theatre instructions were said. The second these instructions were over, a loud blast of light illuminated the room and there commenced the performance.
My views on the overall show were that it was one of the best shows I had ever seen in my entire life. I had witnessed numerous shows before this, however nothing compares to level of this. Each of the actors had a deep passion for what they were doing and their emotions really tied into their character, causing the me to really connect with the overall performance. The musical selection was also a huge plus to the performance and I was in awe at the musical capabilities of all of the actors. Even during the solos, they held their confidence and composure, never deviating from their focus. I really do admire how they kept from laughing during the performance, because I, along with audience, could hardly contain ourselves. Another aspect I really praise was the apparent amount of rehearsal and practice each actor must have had to put in to create such an absolutely spectacular show. I can say with certainty that this was an experience unlike anything I have ever seen and can see why millions are drawn to Broadway theatres.
When the performance ended, everyone presented the actors with a standing ovation, which I personally felt they had officially earned. As we all took the subway back to Columbia, I found myself singing the songs in my head. I really feel that this one the best and funniest theatrical performances I have ever seen.
After returning back to my dorm, I decided to make use of this time and get ahead with my homework and research for my essay. I was able to develop the framework that I will most likely be using for my essay and I drafted a introduction that will probably undergo numerous revisions and evaluations before I feel that it is college standard approved.
As a whole, I feel that this one of the most productive days I have had throughout my entire time at this program. Not only did I complete my self-set goal of witnessing a Broadway show, but I also made significant progress academically in the form of my work for the essay. This was a great day that I hope foreshadows an amazing last week that is to come.

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