Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Tunnel's End Approaches

Two more days of class, brunch in Central Park on Saturday, and we're gone. I could say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel but the light at the end of the tunnel suggests a relief of something. I am not relieved to leave New York and end this adventure but I am relieved to go home and be done with the little bit of work I have been receiving from my class. 

For classwork, I actually have been very lucky. The Professor has only assigned four, very short essays; the longest was a max of 400 words which is a little over a page long. And my specific TA for the afternoon section assigns much less homework than some of the other TAs. For the TA, Meiping Sun, I have a several part problem on calculating CPI and a short group presentation due on Friday. For the presentation we have to take one of the concepts that we have learned, explain it, present a real-life situation with the concept, and say what we think about it all, all in five to seven minutes. Easy stuff. I don't quite understand CPI but I'll just go through the power point she emailed us and ask my class mates.

The final essay, one of a max of 250 words, is due Thursday, it was assigned Wednesday. For this very short essay the Professor has asked us the take any one of the three books and briefly explain one concept that we found intriguing and why. None of them had direct applications to the morning lecture or the afternoon seminar (I hear some of the TAs were requiring their students to read by giving them quizzes and group projects.) I liked Predictably Irrational and know the concept I would like to discuss. The book itself is very interesting because the author not only claims that people are irrational but sites specific examples and circumstances and explains why we are a irrational as we are. The concept that I have chosen is that we don't really know ourselves. We are not as rational as we would like to believe. The decisions we make in a normal, cold state are much more rational and 'ourselves' than the ones we will make in a higher, excited state (ie. extreme hunger, exhaustion, ect.). Your senses of survival intensify and social responsibilities are thrown out the window in a heightened state.

I have very little work for my class left, so I just need to make sure that I can see what I need to see in these last couple of days and buy the souvenirs that I need to buy. Other than grabbing a sweatshirt for my sister, I have two other people I need to shop for. 

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