Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mixed Emotions!!

I honestly am so confused with how to feel presently. On one side I am extremely excited to be able to head back home and see my family again. However on the other side, I am extremely sad to be leaving the life I have finally become accustomed to here at Columbia. It feels as if it was only yesterday that I was walking through the elevator door onto my floor and meeting my RA. Honestly I cannot express how much both my suitemates and RA have greatly influenced me over the last three weeks. I truly feel like a completely different person, compared to the one I was when I first came to New York. It is hard to imagine leaving the life I have com to establish here, leaving my now daily routines and traditions. It will be like exiting one world to head back to one that now appears to be completely foreign. 
At the start of the day, I woke up at my usual time and headed out to morning session. We reviewed cases that pertained to the enormously controversial topic of Affirmative Action. While the primary focus were the cases, many arguments were shot back and forth between the class and it created one of the most amazing discussions I had ever been in the presence of. Arguments were raised that I would have never would have imagined pertained to the actual issue. I will certainly miss having my mind illuminated by these discussions.
At lunch, many of my suitemates were pretty split up around campus so we decided to each go enjoy lunch separately. I took most of this time to finish preparations for my final debate in the afternoon session. I was in charge of closing arguments, so I practiced my speech for a while in order to make sure I had it down.
When the afternoon session finally rolled around, it was time for the last requirement of our course, the Final Debate. While it is only meant to be a friendly test of our lawyer skills, there is always heated arguments being tossed between both sides. I coincidentally had the case of Affirmative Action, which was really great since we had discussed much of it in the earlier session.
Constitutional Law Class of 2013
When class ended, a sense of both accomplishment and sadness began to strike everyone. Not only was it the conclusion of the class, but also the of the journey we had all embarked on together. The possibilities of all, if not any of us, seeing each other ever again is slim to none. I feel that many of us began to take note of that as soon as class began nearing its end. Even I could not contain the saddening emotions that soon overcame me and made me wish that I still could have one more day.
When we talked to Ms. L, she congratulated us all for having completed our courses. I was still unable to shake the feelings I harbored within me and even though I was happy to have overcome my course, I wish I could still have more time with it. She also reminded us all of the plan for the next day and how everything would play out. Where and when to meet for her was the biggest piece of information that we all received, one that practically emphasized the saddening emotions within me.
In the evening, the biggest highlight was the Final Dance. A time when both residential students and RA's could sit back and have fun. I personally enjoyed my time there and is definitely a highlight of the trip. It was a time full of laughs, intense dancing and an all-around great ending to the program. It was incredible how many students, even after being here three weeks, I still did not know. However, that is not entirely surprising considering the amount of students that actually participate in the program.  
In all I must admit that it was an amazing conclusion to my adventure here at Columbia. As I see everyone packing their bags, I am stricken with numerous depressing feelings that make me wish I had more time here. Columbia was an amazing school and the people I met here, I will truly never forget.


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