Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Discussing FDR in the Humidity

I had a very productive day today. We had to discuss FDR and his plans today in my class. I had actually not known much about him or I had never thought of him in this way. This article was about his scheme to pack the courts and how he tried to accomplish that. He had thought a lot of himself since he became president which I had never know. It was very interesting to learn from Professor Porwancher since I did not learn all of this information from my US History class, even though it was an AP class. This class is so much different from anything else I have ever had before. Also, my group for our trial decided to split our parts so I think I am ready for that as well.  We spent our research time doing research for the trial on Friday.

My Dessert Crepe
After class we wanted to go shopping for Fourth of July since it is tomorrow! I am so excited to be spending my fourth of July in New York! I am going to Ocean Beach/Fire Island and I have never been there! I mean I like celebrating the Fourth of July in California but I feel like it will be so much different in New York. The vibe and environment is totally different here. We decided to go to Columbus Circle for a shopping mall experience and it was really nice.  However, when we got out of the subway, it started pouring rain. When we got on the sky had been clear but when we got off it was raining like crazy.  New York weather is so weird.  It starts storming in less than a minute.  One second the sky is clear and then the rain begins. That is something that I really don't like.  It gets extremely humid after the rain and it is not nice to walk around in. 

Before we got back, we decided to eat at a crepe place.  I have eaten crepes in California but these crepes are just so much better! And they have nutella in them which makes them just that much better! I love all the variety of food that New York has to offer!  There are so many choices and so many things to do! One thing that I really enjoy about New York is that you don't really need a car here.  For example if we lived on the West Coast, there is public transportation but it doesn't go everywhere.  However, on the East Coast especially New York City, public transportation goes everywhere! That is definitely a plus point for New York! Now it's time for bed since we have to get up early, even though it is a holiday, to go to the beach and enjoy the Fourth of July! Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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