Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free on the Fourth!

Finally the Fourth of July was here! We had plans to go to Ocean beach at Fire Island so that's what we did. We woke up early to leave for the beach, around 7, and we had multiple modes of transportation. We took two subways, two trains, a taxi bus, and ferry but it was only $35 so it was okay. It was a long ride but well worth it. When the group of about forty people got to the town, we quickly set off to find things to do.  It was just such a quaint town and I can't get over that! The shops are so cute and there are houses lining the sidewalk to the beach.  The beach itself was not as crowded as I thought it would be. I know that Ocean Beach was farther than Long Beach but I think it was worth it since it was not as crowded and nicer!

The beaches are mostly the same as the ones we have in California, with nice sand and cold waters except that the Atlantic Ocean is a lot saltier.  I had not realized that there would be such a difference in salt water content. When I got to the beach, I was so surprised to learn that I missed the water so much.  Where I live in the Bay Area, I can see the Bay from my house and I like the fresh air and smell of the ocean.  I was so happy to see the water and actually be able to breathe some fresh air instead of the humid and stuffy air in New York City.

We were able to leave the beach while it was still sunny out so we could come back and go see the fireworks on the Hudson. I had never seen the fireworks or celebrated the Fourth of July in New York City so this was an experience that I really enjoyed.  The fireworks were the same as the ones I  see but the environment around was so different.  The Hudson River honestly looks surreal with its beautiful and perfect waves.  They look extremely fake. The fireworks only lasted for a short time and then we came back to the dorms where we were able to rest after a long and tiring day.  Beaches and the ocean in general tire me out so I am exhausted. Tomorrow I have an early RA trip and I have a moot trial in my class so I have to rest for that!

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