Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberty, Freedom, and Adventure

After being away from my home so long, today was the first day that I felt the sense of nostalgia very strongly. I had never once been away from my home for the Fourth of July and had consistently celebrated with my family. However, I did not let this sensation keep me from making the most of my day.
Since we had the day off, the possibilities for the day were endless. When my suitemates finally awoke, we headed out to a local diner for breakfast, before heading out to 5th Avenue. We all knew that there would be at least a few good deals and so we wanted to take advantage of them. This was not only a shopping trip, but also an incredible sightseeing journey. Many of the stores we passed by contained brands that I could only imagine buying in my wildest dreams. One of the things that most appealed to me was the incredible design that each store had and the grandness in which each of them advertised their products.
The most amazing Apple store I have ever seen
After entering and perusing  a few stores, we decided to go walk a few blocks down to visit the legendary Apple store. When we finally made it, I was blown away at the incredible architectural design at which I was beholding. I had heard previous stories and seen a few videos, however, nothing could have prepared me for what I was seeing in front of me. A huge cube made of glass that, underground, a collection of hi-tech Apple products. I was really blown away, and the best part was that the line to enter was incredibly short, so we actually the opportunity to go into the store.

After we had finished walking in the highly crowded, and more of a tourist attraction, Apple store, we took two taxi's back to Columbia University. As soon as we entered the dorm, we split up and finished up the remainder of our homework. When our RA returned from his excursion to the beach, he reminded us of the trip to go see the fireworks along the Hudson River. We all immediately set out to go buy dinner and rushed back to the dorm in order to get ready for the event.

When we finally arrived at the Hudson, the sun was just setting over the horizon and the view was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It took some time before the sun finally set and the sky to turn dark. At this point, it did not take long before the horizon was blaring with a fancy array of colors and booms. The entire spectacle was really amazing to watch and unlike anything I had ever witnessed in my life. It was a moment which I will truly never forget and I hope to one day be able to witness this grand event with my family.

Nature at its best.
Overall the day was amazing and completely unique. I knew from the beginning of my trip that I would be here for the Fourth of July celebrations, however I had no idea what to expect from it. Now I fully appreciate the beauty of New York during this time. I have not once witnessed anything like this and is surely one of the most memorable moments of this trip.

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