Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last Saturday at Columbia!

Today was our last Saturday at Columbia and it's just so sad! I keep thinking that I only have less than a week left here now and it's very terrifying.  Who knows if I will ever see all these people ever again but my time with them so far has been amazing. I am also going to miss the class and all the people in my class.  Everyone was just so friendly and welcoming! No one ever acted like they were better than someone else even if they went to a better school or something like that.  I am going to miss the style in which my class is taught and the independence that comes with it.  In high school teachers come after the kids to do their work but here you do it if you want and if you don't, then it's your problem not the teachers.  Also, my teacher gave us a list of all the readings we would do in the three weeks on the first day so we can plan our own schedules, unlike my high school. 

I had a lot of time to reflect today which is why I thought of all of the above.  The first thing I did today was go to brunch with my RA group! We all went to get bagels at Absolute Bagels.  There was no line which I was told is amazing because there is always a line there. They had a wide variety of bagels and all of them looked so good! I highly recommend this place if you like bagels! On our way back to campus we passed by a Crumbs Bake Shop so of course we had to go inside. Crumb cupcakes are just so good! I don't know what they put in them but these are the best cupcakes ever! We also went to Baked by Melissa in Soho but I honestly think that Crumbs is better! To me, you get more bang for your buck at Crumbs!

The most interesting thing I did today was go shopping in Soho.  I did not end up buying much but I love walking in the boutiques because they are just so cute and unique.  There are boutiques and shopping areas in California but I think they are all just replicas of Soho.  The original is always the best. I realized I have actually understood the subway a lot more now, because I actually know where the group is going! I know the places where we have to transfer and I just understand the subway better! I hated how there was a 20 minute wait for the 1 today but that was just a minor problem!

After Soho, I mainly lounged around in my dorm room because after walking for a couple of hours, I was extremely tired! I had no energy left to do anything so I went to my room and rested.  Once I felt more rested I did some more research for my paper because it is due in less than a week now.  I am getting nervous because I want it to be very good but I do have faith in myself! I ended the day with a walk around Columbia to enjoy the campus and reflect with my friends.  We played card games and other games in the common room before we all retired to bed.  Everything has been so amazing here and I am going to miss it so much!

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