Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lounging Around on Sunday!

I think it is really important for everyone to have days where they can just sit around and reflect, which is what I ended up doing for most of the day today.  In the morning my hall mates went to brunch but I was very tired so I told them to just get me something.  We ate together and conversed over what our plans were for today.  Some of the girls wanted to go to 5th Avenue but I felt really like doing my work and staying back, so I ended up not going. For most of the day, I listened to music and did more research for my research paper! It's due in less than a week; the stress is real!

I also reflected on how much I actually miss home. I was the type of person who said I would not miss my home or where I live much but I realized I take California and my home for granted. The amazing weather, the friendly people, the small comforts are all items that we do not give enough importance to until they are gone.  I miss my family, my friends, my dog, my home, and so many other things. I am not saying that I am not enjoying my time here because I am and I am loving it here.  I don't understand how kids can just go off to college and not miss their homes or feel homesick.  I am glad that I am here and I have been away from home for about three weeks now because this is preparing me for my future! I might not be able to go home a lot and this is the first time I have experienced being away from home for a fairly long period of time.  I feel like many of the kids from back home are going to be very homesick if they go off to college, like if they go to New York City.

Dinner came and I was still doing research so I did not feel like leaving but my hall mates went to Chipotle so I just told them my order.  They came back and we went outside to enjoy the breeze and eat.  It was so hot during the day, but in the evening there was a nice breeze and I even saw some lightning. I didn't feel any rain or anything but I just saw lightning in the clouds. My hall mates and I laid in the grass and stared at the few stars that can be seen from New York City.  Since I am very well rested and relaxed from this weekend, I feel like I can take on the last week at Columbia. I get so sad thinking that this is the last week here since who knows when or if I will see these people again? I will miss waking up in the morning and having 30+ girls on my floor that I can talk to.  I am going to miss all of these when I go home. However, I should not think of it as an end but rather a beginning, a gateway to a new world. This program has honestly changed me for the better. I am so much more confident in myself, I can have conversations with people I barely know, and I am less self conscious. I have had the time of my life here. 

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