Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday Latterday

Today we spent our final hours at Columbia University. Last night, I packed my bags to prepare for our departure. This morning, I had to say goodbye to everyone. It wasn’t easy. I was finally forced to face the fact that I probably would not see any of these people ever again. Throughout my three weeks at Columbia, I developed fantastic relationships with people from around the world. Our lives are incredibly different, yet we managed to find common ground and have tons of fun together. I left campus today feeling grateful for the friendships I’ve made, but wishing I had more time.

Something particularly unique about my Columbia experience was life in my suite. Inside my suite was a common, central area with a couch and kitchenette. Every night, several girls would gather in this area to eat, talk and have fun. Frequently, our RAs would also hang out with us until early hours of the morning. The time spent just hanging out with the girls in my suite was invaluable. We had so much fun doing not much of anything.

Unlike many of the other suites, the girls in my suite all got along really well. None of us were very similar, but we still all stayed together in a group. We gained insight from each other’s experiences and had fun hearing the stories of our peers. Our RAs complimented the group perfectly. Ashley was kind, and compassionate. I felt as though she was always looking out for us. Arianne was funny and fun loving. She always seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say.

As you might imagine, it was difficult for me to leave my idyllic suite. The promise of a sublime brunch in Central Park motivated me just enough to say goodbye. The brunch was absolutely amazing. Margaret and I, being the uncompromising people that we are, decided to share the waffle and the quiche. It was simply amazing. Our waterfront table paired with the delicious food made the meal unforgettable.

After brunch, we took our last New York stroll. It was a melancholy experience. Since I hardly slept the night before, walking was a rough. The humidity just added to the struggle of the experience. Despite my comforts, however, I didn’t want to stop walking. I knew that once our walk was complete, our journey in New York would be effectively over. All good things must come to an end and today one very good thing did. 

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