Monday, July 8, 2013

To Write with Agility

Today followed in consistency with the typical Monday. I may be the only one but my bed feels extra comfy on Monday mornings, especially when I know I have to get ready for class. Today was another lazy day. Nothing of significance happened other than Mrs. Kronenberg visiting us. 

My professor is quite amazing. He lectures in such a way that is almost like a complex train of thought. Then you realized that it was all planned out that way! He will start off an idea, go off on what seems to be a tangent, and then come back and connect all of the points that he previously mentioned. He will connect common place ideas and knowledge in such a way that I had never thought of before. It seems silly to say that that the whole world, past to present, is connected because, well, it just is. Professor Mesznik will site several specific examples, none of which I will attempt to duplicate here, and connect them is such ways that make so much sense but I had never realized. It is mind blowing. He is the kind of person, you can tell based on his lectures and the way he talks, who studies and goes out of his way to learn new things for knowledge's sake. 

At the beginning of lecture today he talked about the importance of being able to write, to be able to convey your thoughts and feelings. He said (roughly-these may not be his exact words), "Without being able to write, being able to convey your thoughts, you could die with all of your ideas in your skull. You could be the most brilliant person in the world and no one will know...The ability to write, the agility to write, the willingness to write..." I am almost certain that this statement went on in such a way that conveyed writing as power. He is a very quotable person but I can never seem to catch everything.

Mrs. Kronenberg met with us today! Around 4:30 PM she and Mrs. L arrived for the cohort daily meeting. We went around the circle and each described our classes and how we liked them. In return she asked many questions such as if the course is what we expected. After this we all walked to the Pinkberry for a treat. Not surprisingly, she had many questions for me about my course considering this is the ILC's first experience with the Intro to Business, Finance, and Economics course. One of her questions was if I think the ILC should create a program for this course. Yes. Now that I am here, taking this course, and hearing the experiences my cohorts are having with their courses, I am glad I am in this class rather than theirs. Everything I learn is applicable to the real world and useful to me whether or not I decide to pursue business, finance, or economics. Unfortunately, if this were a program that the ILC was offering, I probably wouldn't have applied for this specific course, or if I had, not have gotten an interview.

All in all today was a lazy Monday but the rest of my week will be chock full of fun New York experiences. My dad keeps telling my to go the Rockefeller Center and to 5th Avenue so I need to make sure I do that.

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  1. I like this professor of yours. Listen to what you're being told about the power of the written word.

    Anyone can write but the person who can put words together and influence the reader is someone special.

    You've already shown us something of that a few paragraphs later as you described the value of this course. What you wrote resonates with me and makes me want to know more.