Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Full Night at Columbia!

It still has not hit me yet that we are leaving on Saturday.  I have been in New York for almost a month but it feels like I just got here a little while ago. I don't even realize that the college trips were on this trip to New York. I feel like those were so long ago! The Columbia trip has honestly been so interesting and I have loved it so much. I did not have such high expectations but I know this trip would have blown my expectations even if they were higher. I have made many new memories that I know I will keep for the rest of my life.

In class today, we watched JFK the movie about the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  It was more about the conspiracy behind his killing. There were many conspiracies behind his murder; some involved the mafia while some involved the government. I thought it was so interesting because I did not know much about JFK's death since that was not taught very well in my classes. I enjoyed learning about the conspiracies but it made me feel a lot more paranoid about the world. Right after I watched the three hour movie I felt like everything could be a conspiracy.

I hung out with my class mates after class since we got out about 40 minutes early. It was really bittersweet because I sort of want to relax and enjoy my summer, but my class was great. I learned a lot over this three week period, my professor was extremely smart, my class mates were amazing, and I had so much fun. I was glad that I finished my paper on time and I was able to turn that in. I hope my evaluation goes fine and that I get to keep in touch with the people I have met.

Later on in the day, there was the last dance where some of the kids showed.up. We danced with all of the people that we met over the last three weeks. I have been meeting new people every day, even today. We were dancing with the RA's and we just overall had a great time. Then we came back to our dorms and had sentimental moments. People have already began to leave, from lunch time till now. Some kids are leaving early morning and I am so sad! I have so many emotions right now that I don't know what to do with. My hall mates plan to stay awake, so I will stay awake for as long as possible! Then I will be able to fall asleep when I get home fairly easily. 

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