Friday, July 5, 2013

Concerts and Trials!

The Concert!
I had to wake up at 5 AM today in order to go to the Imagine Dragons concert for Good Morning America.   I was very tired but I honestly think that the concert was worth the tiredness. We took our subway to Central Park and we waited in line for just a little while, and then we got in. My friends and I decided to go into the crowd and we were burning in the sunshine but enjoying the music.  The sound check of the band was so amazing and I thought it was as good as the concert! I sang along with all the songs and I really enjoyed the entire thing! It was just so much fun!

We ended up coming back to the campus at around 9:30 AM and I had to rush to get to my dorm and go to class. I had to do a moot trial today so I was nervous the entire way over to class but I think it went well. One group supported the Congress and one supported the president, while we argued over who had the power to deal with foreign matters like putting Jerusalem, Israel on a passport. I had fun while doing my presentation even though I was really intimidated by everyone and their amazing public speaking skills! However, I honestly feel like the Ivy League Connection and Columbia in general has made me more comfortable speaking to others.  I feel way more at ease when talking to strangers or in front of my class now.

Good Morning America!
After class, I wanted to have a sort of relaxation day because I usually have so many things planned to do everyday. I decided that I would rest during the day so I could get ready for the weekend.  From about 5 PM to 8 PM, I mostly just lounged around my dorm and listened to music.  At 8 PM, Noche de Sabor was in full swing! It was a party hosted by Columbia with Hispanic food and music. I enjoyed myself and danced with my RA and people I have met at Columbia! I keep thinking about how we only have one week left. It feels like time has gone fast but slow at the same time! I feel like I have only been here for a couple of days but I also feel as though I have known everyone for a really long time.  It is a really weird feeling and I know that this week is going to be very emotional, especially the last day.  I am going to miss my class and everyone here!

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