Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SoHo Much Rain

In lecture today we discussed CPI and the science behind accounting and balance sheets. Both are far too complicated to try and explain here. I understand the basics of balance sheets but I'm not sure I quite understand CPI.

Although, there are several other small points that were made that I find quite interesting. For a while we were discussing population rates and how they fluctuate. One thing that my professor said that really stuck with me and makes a lot of sense is, "The most powerful way to rapidly decrease the increasing population rates is to educate women." Woah. I had never really thought of that but it makes so much sense. When educated women will not only know how to prevent pregnancy but will not need to depend on a man, hence getting married young and having children. She will be able to work for herself. Another thing that my professor mentioned was how the Black Death could have very well  been the reason that the Renaissance was able to occur. The Black Death wiped out approximately half of Europe's population, large stretches of land were unoccupied. With all of the extra space and unclaimed land people had the chance to claim the land and own something; they had the space to explore and be creative.

After class and after the quick cohort meeting, Jackee and I went on an RA trip to SoHo. It lasted from about 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM. I really enjoyed myself. Today, rather than our previous trip to SoHo, we went to the nicer part where all the boutiques and stores are. Everything is so expensive! I bought two tops for $10 each, they were on sale. 

In the midst of our search for Spring Street, which is where all the good shopping is according to the RAs, we came across a pizza place. Because I was famished, we decided to head in for a slice. I had a slice of the best cheese pizza I have ever had. It tasted like joy, love, and happiness; I may have just been really hungry, that would explain why I didn't take the time to take a picture of this amazing slice of pizza.

Other than the one store I bought some tops from, we just wandered around popping into different stores. Neither Jackee nor I did any more shopping. We just enjoyed looking in the different stores, window shopping.

Halfway through our excursion it starts to sprinkle lightly. A few minutes later, like the flip of a switch, it starts to pour. Luckily I brought my umbrella but we still got soaked. The air feels less humid when it rains.
Rainy SoHo
On the way back to the Subway I saw one of the many food trucks that you will see around the city. I remembered that just the other day my Grandpa told me to stop and get a gyro, so I did.  It took back to my dorm and had it for dinner while I watched the first episode of North and South. That gyro was good! Thank you Grandpa for the suggestion!

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