Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Sun'll Come Out...Tomorrow!

Today I decided to take a day off from the stresses of my essay and my classwork. I was able to sleep in and relax in the morning before going out with Margaret, Claire, and Emily. We first stopped by a delicious local breakfast place where I had some steak and eggs. After we were good and full we decided to head over to Times Square and the amazing TKTS discount booth. First though we had to decide what Broadway show we wanted to see! There was the disney musical Newsies, classics like Chicago and Mamma Mia, Jane Lynch in Annie, Phantom of the Opera, and MANy more choices! We all disagreed the entire way there and when it was our turn in line we quickly and spontaneously blurted out "Annie!" So we got four very cheap tickets to Annie, starring Jane Lynch (Glee, Wreck it Ralph) as Mrs. Hannigan. Our seats were pretty high up in the mezzanine, but we had a great view of the stage so there was no complaining! The play was nothing short of amazing. The little girl who played Annie was adorable and a great singer (and in 5th grade!). Jane Lynch was her classic evil self as the horrible and scheming Mrs. Hannigan. The play was so exiting and the set pieces and transitions were so creative! We left the theater feeling so glad that we chose Annie, which we were a little skeptical about before.
After the play Claire had to leave to meet with her family, so Margaret, Emily, and I went to China Town. We used the wonderfully helpful google maps app to figure out the subways to take and found ourselves in China Town and Little Italy. After wandering aimlessly for a few hours peering through the monotonous storefronts we finally decided to eat at the restaurant the Cornell graduates from July 4th recommended to us. The meal was delicious, and we ordered a LOT of food. We got a total of 16 dumplings, noodles, fried rice, and beef dishes. Each dish was excellent and we all agreed it was some of the best (and cheapest) Chinese food we had ever had. After walking through Greenwich Village we finally decided to return back to Columbia.
Today was such a calm and chill day. Tomorrow I will get my work done and hopefully head over to the Guggenheim museum! It was so awesome feeling so independent in the great island of Manhattan. I can honestly say I have lived in New York for about a month of my life and I feel so much more mature!

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