Friday, July 12, 2013

One Day More.

Today was the last day of class. It felt just like any other day, we sat down and began a heated discussion, this time on affirmative action. After an interesting two hour discussion we broke for lunch, and when we came back it was time for the final debate. My role in the debate was to prepare the closing statement for my side. My team was arguing that the death penalty was unconstitutional. I gave my speech just as class ended, and everyone complimented me and told me I gave a great speech! When class ended Luke told us we could friend him on facebook (as long as we don't spam his wall), and he told us how much he enjoyed teaching all of us. It was very sad and we all said our goodbyes on the front steps of Hamilton. This class has been so fun, and I feel like I am just now getting to know a lot of the kids who have been in class with me this whole time. Thank god facebook exists so I can keep in touch with them after I leave!

In the afternoon Margaret, Claire, Elena, and I all went to MoMA. The museum was having its "free admission friday" so there was an enormous crown in front of the museum waiting to get in. Even though the line went by fast, the museum was packed. There was hundreds of people in each exhibit and all of them seemed to think the best place to take a photograph was in the doorways and in the narrowest hallways possible. I have become very good at weaving between people and I definitely ruined about 30 peoples photographs by walking in front of them. The museum was fun though, I saw some amazing photographs in a black and white exhibit, and I saw some classic modern paintings.
For dinner we all went to a lovely italian restaurant. We all shared our favorite moments from the program and thought about how different things will be when we get home. My meal was delicious, I had spaghetti with a lamb ragout. For dessert I had an amazing little tiramisu, and we left the restaurant happy to have had a good last independent dinner. Even though I am so excited to return home to my family, dog, and bed, I still know it is going to take some getting used to again. I am going to miss all the amazing people I have gotten to know over the past three weeks and I hope to stay in contact with as many of them as I can!

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