Saturday, July 6, 2013

Annie and Culture

Today I was finally able to sleep in. I rolled out of bed at 10:40 AM this morning and headed out to brunch with Margaret, Simon, and our friend Claire. We went to a local restaurant near campus and enjoyed a wide array of delicious plates.

After brunch, we took the subway to Times Square. We walked past the huge signs and headed over to the box office for cheap Broadway tickets. After a rushed decision at the box office, we walked away with four tickets for Annie. Both Margaret and I immediately regretted the decision. We hated how the posters looked that advertised the movie. I already felt like I had wasted 75 dollars. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I became more optimistic about the show when we entered the air-conditioned theatre. The heat outside was almost too much to handle. A few minutes after 2:00 PM, I settled down in my seat and the show began. Throughout the musical, the talent of the child actors awed me. Despite only being a few years old, the voices of the children who played the orphans were amazing. They could sing and dance and most were even funny. Annie, of course, was the star. Annie executed her part perfectly and out did many of the adult actors in the film. She definitely has great personal statement material to use when she applies to college.

After the show, we decided to go to China Town. On the 4th of July, Margaret and Simon had run into a couple that recommended an excellent restaurant in the area. Although we were still quite satisfied from brunch, we decided to think optimistically and told ourselves that we were probably hungrier than we felt. This positive attitude enabled the three us to consume five gigantic and delicious dishes. The soup dumplings were my favorite. The outside looks like a normal dumpling, but inside there is soup. Now how cool is that? We even told ourselves that we had room for dessert. Since China Town is right next to Little Italy, we decided to look there for sweets. It’s hard to beat gelato and Italian pastries.

Today was an amazing day. We were independent in the City for hours. We had the opportunity to experience an actual Broadway show and to see for ourselves the magnificent culture of New York.

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