Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Turkish Culture All Around!

I had barely any homework to do so I had time to relax and chill this morning, although I did reread our article from the other day.  The article that we had to discuss today was about how and why Lincoln's popularity increased after his death.  I thought it was so interesting because it was different from most articles about his death.  This one focused more on the sociological impact and how society's actions changed towards him.  Before his death most people did dislike him but after his death, no one dared say or print anything bad about him. I think it is so interesting how society can quickly change from one extreme to the other, from extreme hate to extreme reverence.

Also, we went over our research paper more today. Professor Porwancher taught us how to do Chicago style citations which I honestly did not know existed.  I only knew how to do MLA citations and this is way different.  I never had to do footnotes before but now I have to for my research paper.  I also realized that I want to do something with the New Deal and how it harmed so many as of now.  I do not know if this is specifically my argument yet, but this is on the track to my argument.  We also got time to read more about how we are going to conduct our case but we are still in our beginning stage.

After class we had our usual meeting with Mrs. L but there was a special surprise for all of us! We all got cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery.  Alas I wish I had a picture to share with you all, because you would be drooling, but I got way too excited to eat it.  It was gone in the blink of an eye.  Then I had some one on one time with Mrs. L where we were able to talk about how I was feeling and my class was going.  I told her the truth and that I am enjoying it so much!  I absolutely love it here!

Since I am friends with so many Turkish kids, we all decided to go to a Turkish restaurant called Turkish Kitchen.  It was not that good since it was Americanized Turkish food but it was alright.  I am getting more immersed in cultures from all over the world, and I love it. This has certainly introduced me to so many things that I never would have thought I would be doing, like going to many different New York restaurants and trying different foods. There are so many fun things to do here and class is interesting as well; it's amazing!

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